Welcome to EQTransformer’s documentation!

EQTransformer is an AI-based earthquake signal detector and phase (P&S) picker based on a deep neural network with an attention mechanism. It has a hierarchical architecture specifically designed for earthquake signals. EQTransformer has been trained on global seismic data and can perform detection and arrival time picking simultaneously. In addition to the prediction probabilities, it can also provides model uncertainties.

The EQTransformer python 3 package includes modules for downloading continuous seismic data, preprocessing, performing earthquake signal detection, and phase (P & S) picking using pre-trained models, building and testing new models, and performing a simple phase association.

The following is the main reference of EQTransformer:

  • Mousavi, S.M., Ellsworth, W.L., Zhu, W., Chuang, L.Y., Beroza, G.C., “Earthquake Transformer: An Attentive Deep-learning Model for Simultaneous Earthquake Detection and Phase Picking “. Nature Communications, (2020).